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Wimbledon Choral Society holds a library of vocal scores available for hire.   The list of titles currently in stock can be seen below and a more detailed listing, included publishers, solos and voice splits, can be downloaded by clicking here.   To enquire about availability and charges, please send a note to our Librarian.

Composer Title Voice (Un)Acc Stock
Bach, J.S. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [1] SATB Acc 127
Beattie, Allan Good Enough for Him SATB Acc 145
Britten, Benjamin Agnus Dei (War Requiem) SATB Acc 156
Burnett, Michael Three Medieval Carols SATB Acc 139
- Nowell Sing We, Both All and Some SATB Acc
- I Sing of a Maiden SATB Unacc
- Tyrley, Tyrlow SATB Acc
ed. Jacques / Willcocks Carols for Choirs I SATB  Acc/Unacc  29 
ed. Jacques / Willcocks
Carols for Choirs II SATB Acc/Unacc 28
ed. Willcocks / Rutter  Carols for Choirs 100 SATB  Acc/Unacc  40
Chilcott, Bob Like a Singing Bird SATB Acc 169
Chilcott, Bob On Christmas Night SATB Acc 22
Chydenius, Jussi Autumn SATB Unacc 165
Franck, César Panis Angelicus [1] SATB Acc 127
Gardner, John Tomorrow shall be my dancing day  SATB  Acc 139
Gjeilo, Ola Northern Lights SATB Unacc 158
Handel, G.F. Zadok the Priest SATB  Acc     134 
Howells, Herbert  Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale)  SATB  Acc  19 
Larley, Patrick Gabriel's Message SATB Unacc 142
Lauridsen, Morten Nocturnes SATB Acc 210
- Sa nuit d'été SATB Acc
- Soneto de la noche SATB Unacc
- Sure on this shining night SATB Acc
- Epilogue - Voice le soir SATB Acc
Mozart, W.A. Ave Verum Corpus [1] SATB Acc 127
McDowell, Cecilia Christus Natus Est SATB Acc 41
McDowell, Cecilia A Fancy of Folksongs SATB Acc 111
- Green Bushes SATB Acc
- The Rambling Sailor TB Acc
- The Crystal Spring SA Acc
- O No, John! SATB Acc
Pärt, Arvo Beatitudes SATB Acc 48
Rutter, John Look at the World SATB Acc 170
Rutter, John The Colours of Christmas SATB Acc 138
Rutter, John For the Beauty of the Earth SATB Acc 170
Rutter, John All Things Bright and Beautiful SATB Acc 169
Rutter, John Lord, thou hast been our refuge SATB Acc 131
Rutter, John Requiem SATB Acc 38
Shearing, George  Songs and Sonnets  SATB  Acc  129
  - Live with me and be my love  SATB  Acc  
  - When daffodils begin to peer SATB Acc  
  - It was a lover and his lass SATB  Acc   
  - Spring  SATB  Unacc   
  - Who is Sylvia?  SATB    Acc   
  - Fie on sinful fantasy  Acc   
  - Hey, ho, the wind and the rain  SATB  Acc   
Stainer, John God so loved the world [1] SATB Acc 127
Stanford, Charles Villiers Justorum Animae SATB Unacc 29
Stanford, Charles Villiers
Coelos Ascendit Hodie SATB Unacc  19
Swingle, Ward Give Us This Day SATB Unacc 187
Tavener, John  The Lamb  SATB  Unacc  169
Todd, Will Three Jazz Carols SATB Acc 138
- Away in a Manger SATB Acc
- Once in Royal David's City SATB Acc
- Silent Night SATB Acc
Treseder, Gareth A song was heard at Christmas SATB Unacc 132
Vasks, Pēteris Dona Nobis Pacem SATB Acc 140
Vasks, Pēteris Pater Noster SATB (Un)Acc 35
Wilberg, Mack Noe! Noe! SATB Acc 114
Wesley, S.S. Lead Me, Lord [1] SATB Acc 127
Weiss/Thiele What a Wonderful World SATB Acc 169
Whitacre, Eric Lux Aurumque SATB Unacc 110
Whitacre, Eric  Sleep  SATB  Unacc  106

[1] Part of the booklet Five Favourite Anthems

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