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Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the scheme operated by HM Revenue & Customs for charities like WCS to increase the value of monetary gifts from UK taxpayers by allowing the charities to claim back the tax at the basic rate paid by the donor on the donation. Not only does this increase the value of donations but it does so at no extra cost to the donor. The current (Sep 2015) basic rate for tax is 20% which means that for every £1 donated, WCS can claim an extra 25p, i.e. a quarter more.

For WCS to submit its claims to HMRC, there are several key points that need to be noted:

  • The donor must pay at least as much UK tax (Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax) as the amount of Income Tax that will be claimed by WCS.
  • If a donor makes a number of Gift Aid donations, including to other charities, he/she must pay a sufficient amount of UK tax on the total amount of those donations and may be required to pay any shortfall in tax paid to HMRC.
  • If the donor is also a higher rate tax payer then he/she can also benefit from some tax relief by claiming the difference between the higher rate paid and the basic rate.
  • A factor often forgotten is that Income Tax is not only paid on salaries. Most people with a pension and/or investments will be paying tax so will also be eligible to be part of the scheme.
  • The scheme is open to individual UK taxpayers only, not to companies.
  • An individual may choose to leave the scheme at any time.
  • No donation made to the choir, and for which Gift Aid relief is being sought, can have any conditions for its use attached to it.   For example, there can be no expectation of repayment, and no goods, tickets or services received in return or purchased as a condition.  See also the sponsorship page.
  • The Gift Aid status can be applied to all donations made to the choir in the previous four years by an individual.
  • Making a donation on behalf of someone else does not qualify for Gift Aid relief as this is viewed by HMRC as a gift to that someone else and not to the choir.
If you have any questions or concerns about the scheme, then please contact our Gift Aid Administrator, John Bright.   If you would like to register with WCS for Gift Aid relief, then please download, complete and sign the Gift Aid form and send it to:
The Treasurer
Wimbledon Choral Society
9 Woodspring Road
London SW19 6PL
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